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In the spring of 2017, I saw B&B Memorial Restoration advertised.  I spoke with my brother and we decided to invite our Watts family to help us restore a family headstone or two.  However, the family thought it was such a great idea, they supported the restoration of 16 headstones.  We also decided to restore an 'orphan' stone as well - a stone for which no family existed any longer to care for the deceased.  Becky and Brett were so helpful and easy to work with, and the results were AMAZING!  The before and after photos show what a difference restoration makes!  I would encourage anyone to honour deceased relatives by restoring their place of rest.  - MJ

Brett & Becky, Thank you so much for the work done at Humesville Cemetery.  We are very pleased with the results and will be contacting you again for future work.  - AM

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